WSL Manager GUI


A quick way to manage your WSL instances with a GUI.
Copy, rename, create, download, sync your distros in your LAN and use custom rootfs' with WSL in a GUI.
Quickly spin up LXC containers to run pre-made environments.


  • Starting the program. YAY!
  • Quick Actions (execute pre-defined scripts directly on your instances for quick configurations)
  • Download and use Turnkey or other LXC containers (experimental, tested with e.g. Turnkey Wordpress)
  • Use your own repository for rootfs' or LXC containers
  • List WSL
  • Copy WSL
  • Delete WSL
  • Start WSL
  • Rename WSL
  • Create WSL
  • Download WSL
  • Select rootfs from storage
  • and more...

You can get in the Microsoft Store.

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