Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077

All the things we know so far

If you haven't been living under a rock you've probably heard about Cyberpunk 2077 these days. A game developed by the same company that blessed us with The Witcher series, CD Projekt Red.

In this blog post we're going summarize what we know so far about Cyberpunk 2077. (Status quo 2020-07-07, yes pun intended)

First and foremost, the scheduled release date of Cyberpunk for PC and Console is on the 10th of December this year. This means exactly 157 days from today.
However people who are looking forward to play it on Google Stadia will have to hold back until the end of 2020 and it gets even worse. Next-Gen consoles players will have to wait until sometime in 2021.

For all the PC players out there, official system requirements haven't been announced yet, but it's safe to assume that you'll need an above average PC to run the game at 1080p and an absolute gaming monster for 4K with 60 frames.
Furthermore, it has been confirmed that Next-Gen consoles will have a graphically upgraded version up for purchase to take use of the additional power.


Now let's take a look at the game itself. Cyberpunk 2077 is intended to be a first-person, singleplayer, role-playing experience with a possible multiplayer mode coming with updates later on. You're going to play as V , the highly customisable main character.

There are three classes to choose from:
NetRunner, who is focused in hacking
Techie, who is specialized in machinery
Solo, who is trained in combating

As your character V you are going to enjoy the open world of Night City and its surroundings. This metropolis is built around six regions and the Badlands, the outside area of the city.

It is also important to note that the story leads to different endings, which means that you ultimately choose how good of a person you want V to be and more importantly what will happen to Keanu Reeves. Yes, motherf***ing Keanu Reeves is also a character ingame!!!

Also a small little gimmick, CD Projekt Red decided it would be fun to include some minigames.

CYBERPUNK: EDGERUNNERS ever heard of that?
Imagine you just finished the game, hanging around at home and don't know what to do. Maybe clean the house, or go grocery shopping or browse furiously through Netflix for some animes, but then suddenly you see the Cyberpunk logo on Netflix and you think...wait what?

You can't believe your eyes, but yes there is definitely a Cyberpunk logo, you click on it and an anime opening starts.

A dream coming true, a 10-episode anime series set in the world of Cyberpunk 2077. The series is called Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and is coming 2022 on Netflix, to be more specific a Netflix Original collaboration with CD Projekt Red and the Japanese animation company Studio Trigger (famous for Kill la Kill).

Now finally to summarize everything in a short paragraph in the end, Cyberpunk 2077 is going to launch on December 10th, 2020 and it features amazing graphics, a great storyline, unique game mechanics and Keanu Reeves. If that's not enough, there will be an anime series in 2022 on Netflix.


All information was provided by the official website as of 2020-07-07 at 09:21 P.M. CET.

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